Rev. Brother Bogumil John Gawarecki,
Missionary Brothers of St. Francis La Barque Hills,
Eureka, Missouri
Dear Brother:
Pursuant to my recent permission to you to establish a house of charity in the Diocese, to be under the protection of your Brothers -- the Franciscan Missionary Brothers of St. Francis -- I beg herewith to renew this permission, and to congratulate you upon your being able to acquire the property and found a house out in the suburbs of St. Louis at Eureka. Here you propose to take care of the aged poor and infirm men. It is a difficult work that you have before you, but I am sure with your well-known zeal that you will succeed. I commend you to the charitable public.
Sincerely yours,
+John J. Glennon
Archbishop of St. Louis




The Franciscan Missionary Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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